Collaboration and openess ​​​​​benefit all

We want to provide our customers with solutions that help them to improve and succeed. The best way to do this is through smooth collaboration and a continuous dialogue that leads to a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs.


Helping our customers succeed

UPM’s interaction with customers is based on continuous dialogue and regular satisfaction surveys. A comprehensive understanding of markets and end uses and an appreciation of our customers’ needs are critical to our customer relations. 

In addition to fostering a continuous working dialogue, UPM is engaged in various development projects with customers. Many of these projects are related to product development, supply chain efficiency and optimization, and co-planning of activities.

We regularly measure customer satisfaction through customer satisfaction surveys conducted internally or by a third party. The surveys are a tool for further development, bringing an important customer dimension to performance management.

Our dialogues and surveys show that UPM’s customers take an interest in our responsibility and sustainability performance, especially as regards product safety, ecolabels, forest certification and chains of custody, resource efficiency, safety performance and supply chain. Long-term financial performance and supplier profitability are also gaining importance.



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