Nurturing wellbeing

​According to a study made by the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Etla), UPM produces the most added value in Finland, when considering the added value produced by companies themselves and the indirect added value resulting from purchases.


We source mainly from Finland the wood used in our mills to make useful products. Each year, we spend hundreds of millions of euros in wood purchase payments to private forest owners, and as compensation to our contractors for harvesting and transporting wood and for forest management work. We provide work for over 3000 professionals, mainly in sparsely populated rural areas. As of the end of 2016, we employed a total of 7,347 people directly at our mills and in our wood sourcing, forest management and other functions in Finland.

In 2015, our share of the Finnish GDP amounted to 2% and the added value produced by UPM totalled € 1.5 billion. When taking into account the added value generated by the multiplier effects resulting from purchases, the added value produced by us in Finland amounted to as much as € 2.6 billion.

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