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Raw material, employment, products, wellbeing and recreation from forest - responsibly.

Professionals working in Finnish forests
over 3 000
Number of protected sites in our Finnish forests
around 39 900
UPM's impact on the Finnish economy
2,6 billion €
Trees planted yearly in Finnish forests
over 20 million
Wood purchase agreements
20 000 per year
Buffer zones
22 000 ha
Our forests are open
Sales network on
6 continents

A better forest for all


Finland’s fast-growing forests mitigate climate change


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Responsibility throughout the entire value chain

We are committed to forest management and wood sourcing practices based on the principles of sustainable forest management accepted worldwide. The objective is to create long-term profitable business in an ethical and responsible manner, taking into account economic, human and social, and environmental aspects. 

Knowing the origin of the wood used is a prerequisite for responsible wood sourcing. Using our own tracing systems and certified chain-of-custody management systems we make it possible to guarantee that the origin of wood is always known, all raw materials come from legal and sustainable sources and the quantities of certified wood can be documented. In 2017, 85% of all wood and wood fibre used in UPM's production units came from certified forests.

Management category UPM rules​*) Controlled wood/Chain of Custody ​Forest certification ​UPM  Biodiversity Programme
UPM owned forests ​100% ​100% PEFCTM and/or FSC® (FSC C 109750) 100% PEFC and/or FSC ​100%
UPM managed forests as an asset management service ​100% ​100% 94% PEFC and/or FSC ​Promoted
UPM wood sourcing area ​100% ​100% Majority under PEFC and/or FSC ​Promoted

​*) ​ ​UPM rules can be downloaded here.

*)   Learn more about the principles of Wood Sourcing and Forestry, and our commitment to these principles

Make a virtual forest walk and see how we operate in www.upmforestlife.com


More with less

Our target is to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations and products throughout the value chain; from raw material sourcing, production, delivery and distribution to product use, recycling and reuse of the products.  Our goal is to get more with less in all our operations. To achieve this target, we have introduced a variety of measures, and the first results are promising. Read more


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